Ways We Help

Health. Recycling.Hope.

This means that we will responsibly recycle and re-distribute medical equipment and supplies. By doing this we are helping to keep tons of medical goods out of landfills and surplus areas. The greatest difference could possibly be an opportunity at life for someone who will benefit from these items. The Great Physician, Jesus Christ, is the hope & life that we hope to emulate through our efforts.


We like to reduce the waste in our landfills. By using medical supplies, equipment and other items that have been replaced by newer models we are reducing the impact on our landfills.


Through our involvement in the communites around we are teaching our children the power of love and unity. We are giving them knowledge about the world around us and how small actions can impact those in need.


We take the supply and medicines to those in need. We offer a means to healing where little to no means are provided. We work with locals in these countries to make sure that those that need treatments are getting them.

About Us

Since 1998, I have worked in both the United States and Ukraine on various missions. Over the years, my work has included Bible School camps, church and ladies Bible studies, and most importantly, building lasting relationships. I have visited orphanages in Ukraine and helped supply the children with clothing and crafts, again buidling relations is so important in a child’s future development.

My journey introduced me to Deana, a beautiful five year old girl who was diagnosed with Leukemia. Her family and I became very close and I tried to raise funds for her. Sadly, she passed away the following summer while I was there. She was to sick to visit with me and have our usual tea party so she sent me pictures she had colored instead. A few days later, she was suffering no more.

After Deana’s death, her Mother spoke with me on the condition of the medical equipment, the supplies (or lack of) and how there are so many children and familes that need help. After meeting with doctors and verifying some information, I began to take needed supplies as I traveled there. So many of you-have made this possible! Thank you!

Then the hospital needed something BIG-much bigger than I. But God took care of it and we were able to ship a functioning Apheresis machine to Ukraine-and visit the hospital where it is being used.

Which leads us to today–God has given me a vision to ‘Go Green God’s Way” and recycle and re-distribute medical equipment & supplies, while showing the life changing love of Christ! Health. Recycles. Hope.

Please contact us for more information and we would love to have you join with us in this journey!

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Ways You Can Help

Medical equipment & supplies: Hospitals, clinics, corporations, individuals-we need it all!

Without your donations and support we aren’t able to opperate to our fullest.


We need volunteers to sort items, pick up supplies, Raise awareness about us to your doctor, church, civic organization-surplus items are everywhere!


Send Checks to:
Kneeling Bridge Ministries                                                                                                                                                                                                    112 Jenkins Road
Statesville  NC 28625

or donate through
Item we accept:

Prayer - For partnerships with hospitals, clinics and corporations to gather medical equipment & supplies; for those who have desperate medical needs; for doctors and patients in places that are functioning in standards that are far below what should be acceptable and most importantly for the love of Christ to shine through everything we do!

Over the Counter Medical - Anti-bacterial/fungal creams, allergy meds, tylenol, arthritis creams, etc., intubation tubes, and any other available supplies you may have.

Gifts for children - Hairbows, matchbox cars, crayons, modeling clay, hats, toys, toothbrush/paste, etc.

Supplies - wheelchairs, crutches, badgages, gauzes, band-aids, tungue depressors, cotton balls, braces, slings, etc.

Item we DO NOT accept:

Unsealed Packages - We aren't able to accept medicine that is partially used. If the seal is broken we aren't able to accept the donation. It's a matter of safety and hope you understand.

Out Of Date Items - Given current laws we aren't able to transport any materials that have passed their expiration date.

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Kneeling Bridge Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All Donations are tax deductable.

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